Can You Order Food in a Hotel Room?

        So you’re finally doing that wild Las Vegas vacation you’ve always dreamed of. You’re midway through, a bit hung-over but ready to suck it up and tear up the town for one final night. You just need a little food to suck up last night’s tequila and you’ll be good to go. Room service is overpriced and somewhat limited and the last thing you want to do is go searching for food while you’re still recovering. What are you to do?

In this situation, nothing beats the modern convenience of a delivery app! You’re probably asking yourself a number of questions right now. Why didn’t I think of that? Who delivers near me? Can I use cash for food delivery? What is the best food in Las Vegas? Can I really order food in a hotel room? The answer is a resounding yes you can! You can get some of the best food in Vegas delivered right to your doorstep, even in a hotel! is the most convenient solution for the Las Vegas traveler hoping to eat in.

Online Restaurants offers an amazing variety. You can order from over 65 restaurants in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada and have them delivered right to your hotel room!  You’ll never again have to settle for boring room service food. They offer a wide variety of international cuisines and are bound to have something for everyone’s tastes! 

If you’re looking for a little Asian comfort food, few things satisfy the soul (or settle the stomach) quite like a big, brothy bowl of noddle soup! Ramen Show 2 offers a dozen different ramen options, with a variety of pork, chicken, seafood and even vegan broths. They also have other Japanese favorites like steamed gyozas with perfectly seasoned pork and shiitake mushrooms or deep-fried softshell crab with homemade ponzu sauce.

If you’re craving breakfast food, Mimosa Gourmet has you covered with their hearty brunch staples like Country Sausage and Eggs. They also have south of the border favorites like Chilaquiles. They offer over a dozen omelets including the inventive Chicken Enchilada Omelet with queso fresco and red sauce, the time-honored Bacon and Avacodo Omelet with oozing cheddar cheese, or the luxurious Shrimp and Crab Omelet with creamy Monterey Jack Cheese and a generous topping of Hollandaise sauce.   

Whatever type of food satisfies your appetite, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your Las Vegas hotel room to enjoy it. Whether you’re recovering from a hangover, pre-gaming for a big night, or enjoying an intimate evening in, Online Restaurants serves you where you’re at. They are open 7 days a week from 10 am-11 pm and are the only Las Vegas delivery service to accept cash for delivery orders. You won’t find a more convenient way to eat some of the best food in Vegas!

Online Restaurants services all hotels on or off the Vegas strip.  They even serve hotels in Henderson! So no matter where you are staying, you can get a tasty meal delivered right to your room. All other competitors have a smaller delivery radius, but Online Restaurants equips its drivers with state-of-the-art hot food bags, which allows hot, fresh, delicious food to be delivered directly to your room, even if you’re staying in the Las Vegas outskirts.

Online Restaurants couldn’t be easier to use! You can order food online right from your laptop or using the FREE Online Restaurants App from any mobile device. You enter your hotel’s address and room number, choose your restaurant, pick your menu items, payment method, and schedule delivery.  Within the hour, you’ll receive piping hot food from a fabulous restaurant without having to step foot out of your room! Online Restaurants brings the best of Las Vegas to your door, and you don’t even need to change out of your bathrobe! It is the ultimate convenience app for any hungry traveler in Vegas.

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