Restaurant Owners

We are a local food delivery company with an in-depth knowledge of the area and 

unique digital platform placed between Google, Apple Apps, and a website.

               You are invited to join our network of over 100 local restaurants in the Las Vegas & Henderson area and acquire new customers through this partnership. 

                   Our promise to you is that the food will always be delivered on time and one order at a time - from 5 to 20 minutes after it was picked up by our driver. With a customer satisfaction rate of over 98%, we are the only local company that delivers within 15 miles distance from your restaurant/s. This ultimately increases your customer base with at least 40%.


                   The easy set up process allows you to start increasing your sales in just 24 to 48 hours. Once our partnership agreement is signed, you will receive our Sales kit - an Android tablet  set up with your menu, and ready to bring you new orders and a tablet stand with our contacts on it.


Our Android App - Online Restaurants Merchant

will upgrade your online ordering process, because it’s the only platform out there with the functionality to receive 3rd party orders from partners like Grubhub & Chownow, while we fulfill them with exceptional delivery, wider perimeter for a fraction of the commission. 


                  With Online Restaurants Merchant setup you will have the ability to receive CALL-IN orders. Just take the order to our platform to let us know about it, schedule a pick up time that works for you.

By making us your delivery partner, you will save up to 20% on phone orders from loyal customers.


for a whole month to all your customers. 

                    As an Online Restaurants Merchant, you will not just have the ability to adjust your incoming orders within the platform, but you will also have a local dispatcher to talk to in case an item was forgotten or any other issues related to your account within our service package.


Thank you for your time and Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Toll Free - (855) 888-ToGo (8646) 

Fax: 702-751-FOOD (3663)

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